Peanut Recipe

If you love groundnuts you would love Peanut . This is a snack made by coating groundnuts otherwise known as peanuts with flour and other ingredients.


1/2 mudu (4 ½ cups) of Groundnut

4 Eggs

1 cup of sugar

A pinch of salt

5 cups of flour

1/2 tsp of Nutmeg

1 tb|sp of milk flavour

oil for frying


  • Pick your groundnut to remove the bad ones
  • Whisk your eggs and sugar till the sugar is dissolved
  • Sieve your flour, add your milk flavor, a pinch of salt and your nutmeg and mix
  • Start coating bit by bit by adding egg/sugar mixture, mix , add flour, mix till your nut is coated.
  • Heat your oil on average heat and till golden brown

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