Beef Samosa recipe


  • Heat a suitable pot or pan with little oil.
  • When oil is very hot, add the minced meat .
  • The idea is to cook the meat fast so keep the heat on high & spread the meat to allow to cook.
  • As the meat cooks add spices of your choice.
  • Add plenty of chopped onion & garlic or ginger and salt.
  • Stir & keep cooking for another minute or until the meat is no longer pink or the liquid is dried up.
  • Add pepper if you want some heat.
  • Finally add chopped corriande as you turn of the heat.
  • Give a final stir & the meat is done.
  • Set aside to cool ready for use in making Samosa
  • Using a teaspoon, fill the Samosa sheet pocket with the cooled meat
  • Fold to cover making sure the edges are tight you can freeze them for use later or just fry
  • Deep fry for about 2 minutes when its brown both sides its ready.

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